Night shift is a bitch is it not?
Kanichiwa, I am the night shift outpost sniper. I have no such time for small talk so either make it quick or we have no business.


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He nodded slowly. “Dead- yes." he replied in between her words. At the mention of the words ‘hit contract’ though he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks, head staring forward- the dead walking around them without sound adding to the eeriness of this all. "A hit-contract." he stated, looking towards her- two yellow glints coming from the shadows behind the rag covering his face. "What kind of person are ya Taiki." he spoke- almost gravely.

They stopped. Letting the spirits around them pass. Taiki just simply stared at those yellow lights in this cloth, thinking those were his eyes. Then she sighed. Having to be honest. “A… very bad one Mr.Wayfarer…” Her free hand planted on her chest. Speaking in a clear tone while looking at him.”I am a mercenary… will this be a problem?” Registered & Protected

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Scrubbing Away the Grind -Closed rp- 



He snickered slightly at seeing her underwear fall onto the floor, her feet disappearing shortly. Head darting over to make sure the dog didn’t wake he continued to smile- getting up silently he stood against the wall- going to wait for a while- fixing his clothing here and there to appear better and not like he just went through hell even though what he was about to do would ruin his efforts.

About five minutes later he silently crept into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. He snuck over to the shower curtain and as quietly as possible took off his shoes and socks- then his two shirts to reveal just his undershirt. He was too exited to see her and didn’t bother taking everything off. Hoping she wouldn’t notice the small action of moving the shower curtain just enough so he could slip in quickly. As soon as he did he wrapped his skinny arms around her wet body- grinning as he kissed the middle of her back “Hey cutie.” he spoke as he did this- not getting too wet since she blocked most of the water.

Getting the body scrub out of the bottle and getting the bad dirt spots on her body was easy enough but it did take effort, thus was not paying attention when someone was entering the bathroom and the shower it’self. Upon getting done with the body scrubbing she sat it back on it’s respective self and was about to reach for the shampoo but was interrupted. Her body twitched from unexpected contact. Suddenly feeling someone hugging her slippery and wet body. Darting her glaze down Taiki saw two very familiar arms. Before she could react to that, Taiki felt then lips touch her back. Her cheeks flared up with wide eyes. Then that little voice she had fallen over heels for spoke up. Taiki couldn’t believe it, she turned her head to see that her boyfriend was  there. In the shower with her. And it was not a dream. “Ar-Arthur!!” She yelped out before fully turning around to bend down and hug him tightly. Grazing the back of his head with her hand. Registered & Protected


TF2 30 Day Challenge - 30. Character who taught you something.

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Scrubbing Away the Grind -Closed rp- 



After getting home hours ago he was finally glad to be back and get settled in, the chaos he went through those past few months felt to him like it’d last for a lifetime. With a smile he had gone to Taikis base looking forward to surprising her. He however couldn’t remember if he sent her a letter telling her he was coming back soon. Oh wait he didn’t- well then this would surprise her.

Going to her door he took the liberty of just going in himself- it apparently not being locked for a change. Peeking his head halfway in he scanned the room, noticing what was different- especially the dog on the couch. “Well that’s new…” he grinned, seeing the bathroom door closed he went inside of the room on his tiptoes- silently closing the door behind him before going over to the bathroom door and bending down to look underneath it only to spot her feet on the floor. He waited- planning to do so until he saw her get into the shower.

Once having her underwear off and swung on to the bathroom floor, she felt the warm water on her skin by reaching in to feel the temperature. Being fully unaware of someone else’s presence. She sighed and stepped into the shower fully. Having a stinging sensation from some freshly made scars on her body. Being that she just got out of a fight. The dirt was coming off right when the water hit her body and even more so when she grabbed some old, probably expired, body scrub to get her clean. Though it would take a lot of effort as always as the shower head only reached her chin. Though the now closed shower curtains were attached to the ceiling. Registered & Protected Registered & Protected

Scrubbing Away the Grind -Closed rp- 

The showers were probably the worse feature in dustbowl. They were never tended to well and as a result, run out of hot water quickly. Luckily for Taiki she took her showers at night before anyone else gets the chance to. It was very early in the morning at the end of her shift and after a tussle with some intruders out in the dust that just made a mess out of herself. So this was a night where she had to clean it all off before sleeping. 

As the tab was turned on, a squeak emitted from the shower pipes and the water came showering down. Taiki then began to remove her clothing while her seven month old dog was sleeping on the top of her bed. Registered & Protected

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He remained quiet at her noise, his head still faced forward as they walked- passing a woman dressed in old western 1800s clothing, a sort of depressed sigh coming from him at the passing. At her question though he turned his head briefly over to look at her.

"What am I? Not sure, I’m sort of like th’ rest of these folks walkin’ here. I walk just as they do- we all have t’ get somewhere, we just don’t know how t’ get there or where it is we have t’ go. Major difference is I apparently was allowed t’ keep something that they weren’t allowed to." his head bent down slightly, looking at his hand that held hers- some fingers wiggling on it a bit to indicate what he meant he could keep- hoping she got what he meant.

A gulp came from her throat while slowly looking down the the held hands. Putting things together in her brain. It clicking in her head almost nearly made her let go of his hand, but still kept it locked there. Not wanting to die prematurely.  ”Y-you are …Youu…” She could not finish what she was saying. All of this was crazy. She laid her other hand on her fore head while groaning for  a moment. Lowering her tone of voice.  ”Damn ..I .. just wanted to get to the other city to settle this hit contract, not have a exponential experience..” Registered & Protected